The PBO H2O project was funded by the NSF GEO directorate, specifically the Atmospheric Sciences, Hydrology, and EarthScope programs. We  computed water cycle products from GPS data (primarily the Plate Boundary Observatory) and made them available at our website until late 2017.  Now that the PBO H2O project is complete, users of the products can find information in the following locations:

Soil moisture products were archived at the International Soil Moisture Network

Snow products (snow depth and snow water equivalent) were archived at the NSIDC.

All PBOH2O products (soil moisture, snow, and vegetation) were archived at UNAVCO.  Our understanding is that the products have been separated by station name and are available via anonymous ftp:

Please email Dave Phillips ( at UNAVCO for more information.

You can also try this zip file link.

Here are flat copies of the documentation we provided for our PBO H2O products:

snow, SWE, soil moisture, vegetation.

Of course the links within the pages will not work, but you can find most of the papers at the publication section of this website.