The GPS Reflections Group was awarded the CO-LABS Governor’s Award for high-impact research.

I have signed a retirement agreement with CU – so I am moving onto new things! Last summer George and I were living in Berlin. I was a visiting researcher at the GFZ in Potsdam. I’ve posted a few other photographs I took this year.

Man and Mouse, Seattle Art Museum

Man and Mouse, Seattle Art Museum, January 2017.

With Professor Schwarz, president of the Humboldt Foundation.

With Professor Schwarz, the Humboldt Foundation, March 2017.

At the Chalmers Doctoral Graduation Ceremony with Kaianders Sempler and Steve Girvin, May, 2017.


Mit meinem Mann, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2017.

With Boudewijn Ambrosius in Delft.

Reconnecting with old friend Boudewijn Ambrosius in Delft, the Netherlands, June 2017.

Amsterdam, May 2017.


Berlin, June 2017.

Dresden, June 2017.


At the corner of Keplerstr and Brahestr, Berlin.


Munich, July 2017.

George in Munich, July 2017.


Marx, Engels, Wei Wen, Kristine, Berlin, July 2017.

First Bundesliga game, Berlin, September, 2017.

Prague at night, August 2017.


Prague by day.


Babelsberg, September 2017.

Rheinsberg, July 2017.

My hosts from GFZ.

Oxnard, November 2017.

I took this from the second floor window of my house.

I took this from the second floor window of my house in Boulder.

Deer convention in the backyard, Boulder.